Companies are now offering more Fringe Benefits than ever before to obtain and retain talent in their organizations.  Because of the complexity of these fringe benefits and the tax implications of them it is critical to understand the details of how to best handle them and save your company money in the mean time.

Why Should You Attend:

IRS Fringe Benefits can be confusing and frustrating. This webinar will give the IRS view of such benefits so you can stay compliant and avoid costly issues with the IRS.

Areas Covered in the Session:

•  Review Tax rules on fringe benefits and to determine the correct taxation amount of those benefits
•  Detail out the IRS rules around when taxes are due on Fringe Benefits
•  Explain the IRS Fringe Benefit Non-taxable exemptions and the rules around them
•  Review transportation benefits and how to handle them
•  Review Retirement Benefits
•  Review what special fringe benefits that the IRS consider non-taxable benefits
•  How to handle tax consequences on fringe benefits

Learning Objectives:

•  Review fringe benefits
•  Complexity of handling fringe benefits
•  Complexity of taxing fringe benefits

Who Will Benefit:

•  Controllers
•  Accounting Professionals
•  Payroll Tax professionals
•  Payroll Professionals
•  Business owners
•  Lawmakers
•  Supervisors
•  Attorneys



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