This webinar will cover these Food Safety Modernization Act rules that impact storage, load and unload operations, transportation, packaging, bacterial testing, and other issues related to milk, cheese, eggs, cream, yogurt, butter, margarine and other dairy products.

As a results of the FDA’s rules for the sanitary transportation of human and animal foods, sanitation, temperature monitoring and controls and container traceability become critical to maintaining appropriate controls over dairy logistics processes.  Add to this the issues involved with the new rules on intentional and economically motivated adulteration and the dairy industry is faced with changes required to protect consumer health and prevent death and illness.

Why Should You Attend

The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is poised to enact new laws impacting the Dairy industry’s logistical operations. The proposed Rules for the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods and the proposed rules for Intentional Adulteration and Economically motivated Adulteration will cause the dairy industry to respond.

Dairy products from the raw milk stage through final product processing and delivery are impacted. Under the FSMA, new training, procedures, controls, monitoring and certification audits will focus on sanitation, temperature controls impacting shippers, carriers and the drivers that work for them.

With final passage of the new rules due early next year, the dairy industry is in need of beginning to move towards compliance and members need to become active now.

Areas Covered in the Session

•  Impact of the FSMA on Dairy Logistics
•  Temperature monitoring
•  Food service sanitation requirements
•  Interstate, international movements
•  Integrating your logistics plan with your other food safety training
•  Planning
•  Risk assessment process
•  Prevention

Learning Objectives

•  Understand how the FSMA will impact your business
•  Meet proposed rule requirements
•  Learn about new temperature monitoring and sanitation procedures and products
•  Learn which testing strategies might be best for your business
•  Understand documentation requirements

Who Will Benefit

•  Milk and Egg Producers
•  Buyers of Imported Dairy Products
•  Storage Managers
•  Owners and Partners
•  Executive Team Members
•  General Managers
•  Plant Managers
•  Quality Assurance/Quality Control Staff
•  Operations/Production Managers
•  Procurement Management Team
•  Supplier Management Staff
•  Auditors who Review Quality Assurance Programs
•  Product Development Management Team
•  Customers who want to understand best practices that they should expect of their suppliers



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