This webinar will show how to conduct a PROPER risk management assessment point by point and how to also avoid scams in the market. We will also be discussing the absolute importance of doing a risk assessment and that this is the first thing the OCR will ask for. This webinar will instruct the listeners on how to write proper policies and procedures which are to be based upon the findings of the risk assessment and how to word the policies to satisfy the Fed. We will also discuss the importance of having policies which are consistent with your procedures and also discuss the negative ramification of cookie cutter templates in the eyes of the Fed.

Why Should You Attend

•  Have your done a HIPAA Risk Assessment?
•  Do you know a risk assessment is the first thing the Feds will ask for in an audit?
•  Is your risk assessment adequate?
•  Do you have written policies in place for every single one of the implementation specification of the HIPAA compliance rules (even ones that don’t apply), do you know this is required!

Areas Covered in the Session

•  NIST based Risk Assessment, how to conduct properly
•  How to avoid scams in the market
•  Risk assessment, is not a once and done, must be ongoing and typically annual
•  Where to find templates for risk assessment
•  How to write policies and procedures based on risk

Learning Objectives

•  How to conduct a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
•  Have written policies in place for every single one of the implementation specification of the HIPAA Security Rule

Who Will Benefit

•  Practice Managers
•  MD’s and other Medical Professionals
•  Compliance Directors
•  CEO’s
•  CFO’s
•  Privacy/Security Officers
•  CIO/Information Systems Managers
•  HIPAA Officers
•  Health Information Managers
•  Healthcare Counsel/Lawyers
•  Office Managers
•  Contracts Managers
•  Any Business Associates who work with medical practices or hospitals (i.e. billing companies, transcription companies, IT companies, answering services, home health, coders, attorneys, etc)



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