Employee engagement activities are more than a 21st Century buzzword – it is a real issue for today’s employers. There are many factors for considering the business case for employee engagement. With the continuing retirement of one of the largest generations – the Baby Boomers – there is a tremendous risk of brain drain from organizations. And, successor generations have alternative views of work and different expectations of employers. This webinar will help employers, business owners and HR executives prepare for the talent shortages created by Baby Boomers retiring, while simultaneously creating a work environment to inspire new leaders to replace those retiring. Tips for creating a succession plan will also be discussed.

The webinar will also provide examples of “symptoms” of disengagement and strategies for transforming disengagement into engagement. The key ingredients of job satisfaction will be discussed. Case studies of organizations who have successfully reduced turnover through successful engagement strategies will be discussed.

Why Should You Attend:

Baby boomer retirements and high turnover are challenges to organizations because of the high costs of turnover, training and risk of losing customers or clients. Therefore, it makes sense to look at offsetting these direct and indirect costs through enhanced engagement strategies. By learning how to create a work environment that inspires employees to achieve optimum productivity, organizations can soar to success.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Employee Engagement – What’s the Big Deal?
  • Financial, economic and strategic factors that affect employee engagement
  • The direct and indirect costs of employee turnover
  • Preparing for the “talent shortage” by identifying turnover metrics and developing a succession plan
  • Creating a work environment to inspire employees
  • Understanding today’s workforce
  • Getting buy-in to organizational goals
  • Overcoming management mistrust
  • Understanding the drivers of employee motivation, loyalty and engagement
  • Identifying symptoms of disengagement and developing strategies to overcome them
  • Assessing morale
  • Planning and implementing a succession management process
  • Relationships of training and development and engagement

Learning Objectives:

Participants will gain:

  • Understanding why employee engagement is vital to organizational success
  • Knowledge of specific tools that can help organizational leaders identify and correct symptoms of disengagement
  • Understanding of the challenges of managing multiple generations in today’s workforce

Who Will Benefit:

• HR Directors / Managers / Specialists / Generalists
• C Suite Executives
• Benefits Managers / Consultants
• Compensation Specialists
• Wellness Coordinators
• Owners
• Private Equity Investors
• General Managers
• Senior Management Professionals



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