The webinar will introduce Law Enforcement training that are used to security vulnerabilities, manage crises, and spot concealed carry.

Why Should You Attend

In a country that allows concealed carry, where people that are petty criminals, terrorists, and mentally ill, walk the streets freely, it is important to be able to identify, and know what to do, before a crisis management arises. This webinar will show the attendee how to do it.

Areas Covered in the Session

•  Acting on Intuition
•  What Dangerous People Look like
•  Dealing With the Mentally Ill
•  The Do’s and Don’ts  for a Crisis Situation
•  How to Spot Concealed Carry

Learning Objectives

•  Get a better handle in how to assess threats
•  Deal with a mental illness disorder crisis
•  Spot concealed carry

Who Will Benefit

•  Presidents
•  Vice Presidents
•  Managers
•  Supervisors
•  Team Leaders
•  Clerical Workers
•  Customer Service Personnel



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