The webinar will address the in depth techniques that are required to establish and build rapport with employees in the 21st Century.

Why Should You Attend

The “Boss”/Employee relationship development of the 20th Century is a thing of the past. No longer can one say “I’m the boss, and do what I say”. Employees today must like, trust, and feel comfortable with their superiors before they buy in to the business model. I will show the attendee how to do it.

Areas Covered in the Session

•  Instant Likeability
•  Interpret Body Language Signs
•  Visual, Verbal, Vocal, and Physical Expressions
•  Spacing and Positioning
•  Breathing, Touching, and Mirroring

Learning Objectives

•  Possess the techniques that have been proven to improve motivation and win the trust of employees of any culture
•  Make employees feel comfortable with their superiors
•  Improve employee morale

Who Will Benefit

•  Presidents
•  Vice Presidents
•  Managers
•  Supervisors
•  Team Leaders



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