Review of the law concerning employee grievance policy and techniques for avoiding complaints of retaliation.

Why Should You Attend

Managers, supervisors, and human resources professionals are often unnerved when employees complain about mistreatment or unfair practices. Subsequent legal conflicts arise when employees perceive those complaints to have been ignored or the motivating factor in subsequent discipline or adverse action. Managers, supervisors, and human resource professionals should attend to learn what is legally required of them about employment rights, along with various techniques to avoid subsequent complaints of reprisal.

In this webinar, we will discuss various pitfalls that can lead to costly grievances. We will also discuss common mistakes that routinely appear in employee complaints and lawsuits, and those that give managers a false sense of security.

Areas Covered in the Session

•  When is a grievance “protected”
•  When is it best to ignore complaints
•  When must a complaint use “magic words”
•  What are your obligations upon receipt of the complaint
•  How can one discipline an employee who has complained without appearing retaliatory
•  What sort of “proof” should a grievant bring
•  What sort of “proof” is needed to discipline
•  Is a complaining employee from subsequent discipline or removal?
•  How can one convince employee that a manager is acting fairly

Learning Objectives

•  De-mystify the law governing employee complaints
•  Learn the techniques available to managers to avoid complaints of retaliation

Who Will Benefit

•  Managers
•  Supervisors
•  Human Resources Professionals



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