We will give you the steps and information to develop a medical device product.   The documentation discussed can also be used and is often requested by the FDA and required by many ISO procedures for controlling the design process.    We will discuss why certain steps are so important in the design process and that many steps are not just wasted time and paperwork. The process is a methodical approach that can be used with almost any product development process from concept to production. The speaker has a proven track record of successful products and many of them have been on the market longer than the 5 or 10 year expected product life cycle. The speaker has 20 granted patents and over 83% percent of them have been commercialized and using this process.

Why Should You Attend

The medical device design process can be long and costly, but not if you follow some proven guidelines and steps. Sometimes projects are continuously pushed forward without doing proper reviews to see if the project warrants going to the next step. The sooner this process is done the better as it saves time and money. Good products also need to be completed faster and with less capital to beat the competition to market and beat them with a good quality product that needs little to no revisions and one that receives very few to no complaints from the customer. We will teach you the secrets of turning your medical device ideas into profit making products, which are the same steps that can also enable you to see why the project should be cancelled.

Areas Covered in the Session

• How to start a Development Project
• Patent Search
• Putting together a comprehensive Systems Requirement Document
• 1-10-100 Rule
• Market Research and Customer Needs
• Design in Quality & Manufacturability
• Prototype & Testing
• Production Tooling
• Qualification, Validation, & Verification
• Requirements Traceability Matrix
• Technical File & Regulatory Compliance

Learning Objectives

• The complete medical device product development process.

Who Will Benefit

• Medical Device Design Engineers
• Product Managers
• Directors of Product Development
• VP’s of Product Development
• Inventors
• Project Leaders
• Technical Team Leaders



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