This valuable webinar teaches potentially life-saving skills and helps keep your human resource team safer on the job. Employees gain verbal and physical skills to protect themselves and others from harm while gaining personal confidence and reducing stress levels. OSHA regulation training be provided to help employees with effective workplace violence prevention and response measures. This webinar will demonstrate workplace violence training for frontline professionals in human resources.

Why Should You Attend

Human Resources professionals are at high risk of becoming victims of Workplace Violence due to exacerbating factors including:
•  Rejecting unqualified job seekers
•  Employee termination notice
•  Bringing disciplinary actions against employee
•  Acting as management s spokesperson delivering unpopular news
•  Having a high percentage of women practitioners

Areas Covered in the Session

•  The 4 types of Workplace violence and associated risk factors
•  How to recognize and avoid dangerous persons and situations
•  De-escalation of agitated individuals
•  Effective actions to take if threatened or confronted by workplace violence
•  After incident reporting and care

Learning Objectives

•  Participants will be taught to use the “Violence Triangle” model which simplifies understanding and responding to violence. For years fire safety instructors have used the “Fire Triangle” to illustrate a simple, but important concept; for combustion to occur there must be three components, heat, oxygen and fuel. Remove any one and there’s no fire. That’s all the fire science theory most people will ever need
•  The Violence Triangle illustrates the three sides of the triangle with Opportunity, Ability, and Intent. This simplifies the decision-making process, saving time and allowing better decision-making. To be safe from violence just eliminate one element, using the strategies, tactics, and techniques provided in this training

Who Will Benefit

•  All Frontline Human Resource Professionals
•  HR Generalists
•  Recruitment Professionals
•  Outplacement Professionals
•  Employee Assistance Professionals
•  Payroll Professionals
•  Training Professionals



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