Ethical considerations fundamental to litigation practice in California. This webinar offers attorneys entering a litigation practice in California with an understanding of the ethical issues at work, and tracks a mock lawsuit from the prospective client all the way to the appeals stage.

Why Should You Attend

Practicing attorneys must be aware of the contents of the California Rules of Professional Conduct and how they apply to the real world, especially because they are significantly different from the ABA Model code. Most attorneys, at some point in their career, will be rendering community legal services in the litigation context. Even for those who do not practice litigation, encountering prospective clients with litigation needs is very common. Being aware of your duties and responsibilities in this large segment of the law will be valuable, regardless of your intended career path.

Areas Covered in this Webinar

Understand and anticipate the fundamental ethical issues that may arise during the course of litigation in California.

Learning Objectives

Ethical issues underlying in nearly any litigation practice in California, including:

  • Prospective clients
  • Competency
  • Communication
  • Discovery and trial
  • Appeal and
  • Discharging client

Who Will Benefit

  • Newly licensed California attorneys
  • Future employers
  • Human Resources
  • Legal Professional
  • General Counsel
  • Lawmakers



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