This webinar will provide HR professional development training to speak the language of business and produce results for the organization.

This HR professional training will enable the participants to become proactive members of the management team. They will learn how to align HR programs with operations, marketing, finance, and sales and contribute to the organization’s business goal setting.

The webinar will discuss the use of data base metrics for human resources and people processes that can measure the value created by functions and processes in HR. Also, understanding not how to justify an HR program but to measure whether that program is delivering value.

In short, we will discuss the paradigm shift from administration to creating business performance improvement.

Why Should You Attend:

To be viewed as a leader, HR professionals must thoroughly understand their company’s business objectives, financial metrics, goals and objectives and align their people practices.

For years, HR has discussed getting a seat at the table. The reason that many don’t have that seat is that they do not add value to the organization. True, they may prevent problems but they are not proactive business partners and success builders. This is perhaps why CEOs have come from finance and marketing but rarely from HR.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

In order to be a valued business partner you must understand the language of business and how to work with the management team ON the business rather that getting bogged down in administrative details.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the company vision and mission
  • Understanding the business goals
  • Speaking the language of business
  • Using business based metrics in HR Decisions
  • ROI training to develop budgets

Who Will Benefit:

  • HR Professionals
  • CEO’s
  • Senior Vice Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Executive Directors
  • Managing Directors
  • Regional Vice Presidents
  • Area Supervisors
  • Managers

Speaker Profile:

Grant Schneider is president and founder of Performance Development Strategies. His company helps organizations achieve greater results by aligning people in the organization with the organization;s mission and strategy. Grant helps these organizations create change, develop managers and executives, and create high performing teams resulting in engaged employees and loyal customers. Grant is a Certified Coach using an approach that helps organizations identify their vision of success, develop the roadmap, create goals and then achieve those goals.

Prior to starting Performance Development Strategies, Grant had a 30 year track record in operations and people development. His previous experience includes Chief People Officer for the Briad Group which operates the largest TGI Friday’s restaurant chain as well as operating Wendy’s restaurants and Marriott hotels. During his tenure at Briad he successfully facilitated the post-merger integration of services of two equal sized pre-merger organizations. Later he helped define corporate mission and cultural pillars to put the company on track to become an employer of choice.

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