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It is extremely costly for anybody in business to get stuck in challenges, unable to quickly come up with a solution and take quick action. However, there are times it seems like a solution just doesn’t exist.

You have probably heard yourself and others say, “Just think outside the box;” yet you have no idea what the “box” represents in your situation, let alone how to find a unique solution. Obviously, if we want to think of a solution “outside-the-box” we need to first know the boundaries of the box we are in. This is where emotional intelligence training comes into play.

Why Should You Attend:

If you are at any time stuck in a challenging situation, in either personal or work life, and need a simple process or awareness leadership to find a pathway out of it, then you must attend this webinar.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

You will learn a self-management process to transcend the boundaries and create opportunities, feel, not just hopeful, but excited again, identify steps you can take to move forward, and in developing emotional awareness to drive you to implement the steps.

Learning Objectives:

Learn to see the boundaries of the box that represents your problem (how our brain perceives the boundaries)
Take away a process to determine what there is to see outside the boundaries of your box
Understand how emotions help you transcend the walls and find a pathway through your challenge

Who Will Benefit:

Everybody is stuck with a challenge in various situations and has trouble finding a pathway. The ideas learned in this webinar can be applied to any situation by anybody.

Speaker Profile:

Shabbir is an Advanced Trainer and Practitioner with Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network.

His process involves distinct blend of experiential learning style and exciting outdoor activities.

He is a mentor/coach, speaker, facilitator, and author. His mission is to empower people to create a healthy and stress-free work environment and live fulfilling lives. Shabbir’s clients have ranged from inmates and staff at a maximum security prison, to at-risk youth in high school, to staff and senior executives of large corporations.

Shabbir is a Certified EQ Advanced Practitioner with Six Seconds Emotional Intelligent Network and certified to administer Six Seconds EI instrument (SEI) to measure EI competencies.

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