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Planning is everything – and ongoing. On one thing all Project Management training texts and authorities agree: the single most important activity that project managers engage in is planning – detailed, systematic, team-involved plans are only the foundation for project success. And when real-world events conspire to change the plan, project managers must make a new one to reflect the changes. So planning and re-planning must be a way of life for project managers.

Why Should You Attend:

You as an HR leader play a major role in shaping your company’s strategy as well as ensuring that the strategy is carried out as planned. While there is much written about the creation of strategy, there is little written about implementation.

In this webinar, we will talk about strategic and effective management and implementation of programs and ways in which you, as an HR professional, can facilitate both in your company.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

Benefits of honing your Project Management skills
Understanding the Big Picture, the four processes involved in project work
Understanding Work Breakdown Structures and scheduling the work
How to Identify and Manage Risk
Understanding unique challenges in HR project management and HR strategic planning
How to extract lessons from every HR project and apply them in future projects

Learning Objectives:

The Science of Project Management and the HR Professional
Project Management as a Process
The Cast of Characters
A Written Charter
A Framework for Action
Work Breakdown
Scheduling the Work
Adjustments and Trade-Offs
Managing Risk
Project Adaptation
Getting Off on the Right Foot with Effective Meetings
Keeping on Track

Who Will Benefit:

HR Practitioners
HR Leaders and Team Leads
Legal Professional
Business Owner
Organizational Strategy Leaders

Speaker Profile:

Cathleen Hampton has more than 25 years of experience as a human resources professional providing subject matter expertise and consulting services in areas of risk and compliance, work force planning, and human capital strategy. She has a unique ability to analyze operations for risk and help maneuver cultural practices and compliance enhancements that increase organizational outcomes. She is a well-known speaker noted for presenting best-in-practice solutions focused on talent retention and operational strategies that outpaced major completion through strong and decisive business leadership.

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