There are three key elements to a successful transition to a new role. The facts weigh in favor of the people who leverage a transition and see it as an opportunity. Whether the transition is a promotion, a reassignment, or a career choice, identifying the three elements improves the chance of a career win-win.

It is important to approach the new assignment in steps and have a plan to “learn” the job. In his book, The First Ninety Days, Michael Watkins outlines steps that a new leader needs to take to be successful.

Why Should You Attend:

In the current business environment, transitions to new roles and assignments can happen quickly and sometimes unexpectedly. Having a plan on how to approach the situation works for everyone.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

The three key elements are:

Adopt an inner winner mindset
Characteristics of inner winners
Sharpening your emotional intelligence leadership
Don’t step on your own toes
Take time to self-promote your brand
Assess the new position
What technical knowledge is needed?
Understand how it fits into the organizational structure types and process flows
Meet key people
Promote your brand
Develop a 3 month and 6 month Plan
Uncover the “informal organization chart” and the road blocks
Identify your stakeholders
Align your “team” and build your strategy

Learning Objectives:

Learn what a transition is
Careers are no longer linear or predictable
What is a role change – how can I make the most of it?
A new role can be a promotion, a career change, or a reassignment
Don’t let a “knee jerk reaction” of feeling trapped influence the “new” opportunity that has happened
Learn how to successfully transition and leverage your strengths

Who Will Benefit:

Individual Contributors
HR professionals
High Potentials
Baby Boomers Generation

Speaker Profile:

Valerie Pelan provides her clients a strategic and global perspective that combines her business experience with a current view of the competitive environment. As President of Integrated Focus, she provides executive coaching on leadership areas such as executive presence, career transitioning and leading change. Her breath of experience as a business advisor spans Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and non-profit Boards. Some of her recent clients are Hyatt, Novation, AAFES, PepsiCo, AT&T, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Perot Museum, and UTD Executive MBA program.

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