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Many marketers want to brand their products or services more effectively, but most jump to the implementation of advertising and promotion before they really define their brand and what differentiates it from the competition in the marketplace.

In this webinar, Ken Banks details a five step process that he learned and developed over a 35 year career as a marketing executive that if implemented properly can mean the difference between a successful brand marketing strategy and one that is simply a me-too product.

Why Should You Attend:

The fears, uncertainties and doubts in marketing are centered around wondering whether the marketing efforts (and the budget investments) will succeed in building a brand, developing brand identity and market share and revenues. This process will help any company or individual gain a clearer picture of what makes the customer want their brand over the competitors by understanding customer perceptions, competitive mapping, and more consistent marketing messages that position the brand for success and long-term growth.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

Understanding Branding—what it is. What it isn’t.
Importance of research—understanding the customer, the competition, the product.
Defining the emotional value of your product. What are you famous for?
Developing a brand marketing plan that works. It’s all in the message and it’s all based on what you learned in the first three steps.
Living up to the brand—everyday. How do you market internally before you ever talk to the customer? How do you maintain the internal audience’s participation and support?
To demonstrate all of these points, the webinar will provide case studies and real world examples to show how some companies brand effectively…and how some companies miss the mark completely.

Learning Objectives:

Learn that Branding is not just an advertising slogan, new company name or logo; it’s the culture and DNA of you and your company, its services and your expertise. It’s what you are famous for
Learn how to make sure that your presentations, your company, your people and your material is consistent with your brand and lives up to it every day. Branding is a relationship with your customers and here’s how to develop that relationship with your audiences.
Learn five steps that you can start tomorrow to make your products, your services and your materials come alive with your brand strategy and grow successfully
How to develop a brand strategy for their business in order to differentiate themselves from the other brands out there

Who Will Benefit:

Executive Management
Marketing Management
Advertising Management
Advertising Agency Managers and Creative, Product Development, Market Research, Communications Specialists

Speaker Profile:

Ken Banks brings more than 30 years of retail marketing experience to his consulting and presentations business, where he specializes in helping companies to develop effective brand strategies.

A retail marketing executive with companies like PetSmart, Circuit City, Eckerd, and Procter & Gamble and advertising agencies like Doner and Fahlgren, Ken has also served on the advisory boards at both Texas A&M and the University of Florida. He has been an adjunct professor in graduate marketing studies at Schiller International University and University of Florida.

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