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This Incoterms training 2010-Term of Sales will address how the exporter must know the condition of sales at the point of the exporting transaction prior to the exportation process.

It will discuss why the exporter must be familiar with the Incoterms that are described as the three-letter trade terms that define the buyer and seller’s responsibilities in international business transactions.

Why Should You Attend:

The exporter may not know what Incoterms are appropriately acceptable as international shipping process or delivery terms and what are the standard practices in the usage of the terms in an exporting environment.

This exporting terms analysis will help to explain the best reason both the buyer and seller must understand their obligations when it comes to the delivery of the goods. As a result, exporter must be aware of the preferred terms to use as seller and the preferred terms that must be used for buyers during the delivery process because the terms will allocate the responsibilities and risks of each party.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

What are the terms that can be used for inland and sea transactions?
Which party should purchase marine insurance for each shipping elements prior to delivery operations?
How can each party reduce the risk of losses and damage goods during shipment process?
Which party is responsible for paying the cost of carriage when various intermodal are used in the channel of the distribution process?
What are the minimum obligation for each party during when it comes to paying the delivery duties in the exportation process?

Learning Objectives:

Explain exporting terms and formalities that are directly or indirectly to loading and offloading of the goods
Examine the supply chain networks and procedures that are recommended by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities when conducting the logistic transactions in this global market

Who Will Benefit:

Company Executive Officer (CEO)
Freight Forwarders
Customer Brokers
Transportation Risk Management Officers
Import Distributors

Speaker Profile:

Dr. Rossano V. Gerald is an academic professor and founder of RVG International Consulting Firm, LLC. He has over thirty years of business experience in strategic management, marketing analysis, and supply chain management. Dr. Gerald is a veteran of the United States Army. He has worked with small and medium-sized businesses to help improve their business logistic processes through verification of operational and supply chain programs. Further, he has developed management and marketing strategies that were used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations in the global economy.

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