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Speaker: Michael Aust

Date: December Tuesday 6th

Time: 01:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST

Duration: 90 Minutes

Product Code: 700625

Level: Intermediate


This webinar will provide you with an in depth knowledge of the new OSHA safety, 29 CFR Part 1904.41 on the new osha regulations reporting requirements for injuries that involve the hospitalization, amputation or loss of eye. Get to learn about the history of this OSHA standards and OSHA requirements rule, why the issuance of the rule, which employers are affected by the workplace injury rule and how to comply with the new rule.

On May 12, 2016, a rule by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was published in the Federal Register to change record keeping requirements.

What is this latest new rule by OSHA? This rule making involves modification to 29 CFR parts 1904.41 to expand OSHAs legal authority to collect and make available injury and illness information required under part 1904.

The final rule requires employers in certain industries to electronically submit to OSHA compliant injury and illness data that employers are already required to keep under existing OSHA regulations. The frequency and content of these establishment-specific submissions is set out in the final rule and is dependent on the size and industry of the employer.

We will also review any new, revised and updated target date changes or proposed target date for compliance that has occurred since the publication in the Federal Register.

In this webinar, we will analyze the pros and cons of the new regulation.

Why Should You Attend

You should attend this webinar to learn in detail how this final rule effects your obligation as an employer.

There are target dates on the compliance schedule to beware of to electronically submit injury and illness data on the OSHA website.

Do not get blindsided by this new regulation. Get informed and remain OSHA compliant by attending this webinar.

This rule making involves modification to 29 CFR parts 1904.41 to expand OSHAs legal authority to collect and make available injury and illness information required under part 1904. This information will be published on the OSHA website for the public to see. Therefore, employers who will be responsible for meeting this new requirement will be issued the site access information along with assigned ID and password information.

Areas Covered in this Webinar

  • The purpose of the New Rule
  • Compliance Schedule
  • Details of the New Rule
  • Review list of high risk industries
  • Most frequent FAQs received by OSHA
  • Reporting Fatalities and Severe Injuries/Illnesses
  • How the new electronic rule benefits employers
  • OSHA Quick Card Information
  • Application of new rule for state approved OSHA plans
  • Describe how to obtain the high risk industries information

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the target dates on the compliance schedule
  • Explain why OSHA has issued the new rule
  • Describe how to obtain the high risk industries information
  • Illustrate how to report Fatalities and Severe Injuries/Illnesses
  • Discuss how the new electronic rule benefits employers

Who Will Benefit

  • Plant Managers/ Supervisors/Foremen
  • Safety Committee Members
  • Engineers/Operations Managers
  • Occupational Safety Consultants
  • HR Managers
  • Attorney’s
  • General Industry Business Owners
  • Construction Business Owners/Foreman
  • Subcontractors
  • Project Managers
  • Safety Managers/Trainers

Speaker Profile

Mr. Michael Aust is the Senior Safety Specialist at 1030 Communications, LLC. Mr. Aust has a Master of Science in Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management and is a Certified Environmental Compliance Manager. Mr. Aust also served as the management representative for various safety and environmental management systems throughout his career.  He is an Authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor for both General Industry and Construction Industry.

Michael has provided safety management expertise and regulatory compliance to a variety of industries since 1995. His extensive experience in the safety and health field has been earned from working in a variety of different types of organizations within the private sector. He has developed and implemented safety management systems for organizations without such processes and has helped mature management systems for Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 companies.

Mr. Aust has provided safety auditing, inspecting and training services for companies such as US Fusion, The TopCor Companies, BP North America, Honeywell, Gulf South Safety Consultants, The Commodore Corporation – Indiana Division, JE Spear Consulting, Ivy Tech Corporate College, Eaton and The Andersons to only name a few. He is also a content contributor for various safety newsletters and blogs.

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