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Nearly nine out of 10 family physicians say they would use telehealth to assist in treating their patients if they were compensated for it, according to a survey conducted by the Robert Graham Center for Anthem, Inc. and the American Academy of Family Physicians. Telemedicine is a $27 dollar billion industry set to grow to more than $34 billion dollars by 2020. By next year millions of new members will have access to covered telemedicine services by commercial payers. This growing line of business creates opportunities that require coders to be ready to code these services confidently, navigate the associated rules and reimbursement issues, and understand the emerging procedures associated with telemedicine. This one hour conference provides the listener with these coding insights and more!

The question that I get almost all of the time is “Can I bill for that and be paid”? My response: It depends! I think that we need to explore Telemedicine and the answer if we are documenting appropriately. We must be compliant in our billing efforts.

Why Should You Attend:

Coders and Billers will need to know these imperative new focus shifts that will enhance our ability to focus our care on the patient. With the fact that we are facing a shortage of physicians, Telemedicine is providing a means of seeing patients from a distance.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

Also answering the question if insurance allows for these services. Discussion about the modifier that must be appended. How does the insurance company know that these were Telemedicine services?

Learning Objectives:

Provide telemedicine training programs, an educational foot print for Telemedicine and the direction in which we are headed in the future.

Who Will Benefit:

Everyone will benefit especially the patient

Speaker Profile:

Rhonda Granja is a certified professional coder and certified medical assistant. Rhonda has been in the medical office profession since 1990 and is currently working as an independent medical consultant. She has been involved extensively in medical advocacy. Rhonda has done the necessary follow-up work and has a proven track record for winning insurance appeals. She is involved with multiple medical groups and has also developed staff motivation techniques. Rhonda enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with others in this profession. Her vast experience has been achieved by actively working in all areas of a medical practice – everything from the front desk to the clinical side. Rhonda is an active member of the American Academy of Professional Coders; Medical Group Manager’s Association, and the Consumer Family Advisory Committee. She has extensive knowledge of billing and reimbursement related to managed care and commercial carriers as well as Medicare and state funded products. Rhonda has a wealth of experience and her passion for speaking tends to get attendees excited about what they do. Aside from her professional relationships, she makes time to advocate with the non-profit organization, Autism Speaks….

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