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We manage tasks and activities, and those activities must be performed by people, who must be led. It is not enough to simply be a Project Manager. We must become Project Leaders. Our ability to show effective leadership skills has a direct correlation to the outcome of our projects.

Our attitudes are the most important tool in our toolbox. Attitude change training costs us nothing to purchase, if we use it well it can gain us everything, and if we use it poorly it can cost us everything. How we use it is up to us. Participants will learn how to get the most from their project team by focusing on key attitude changes.

Typical subjects covered include how to create the most efficient roles and responsibilities for the project management program, how to meet the needs of the project, how to clarify expectations and get buy in, how to harness the effects of human performance issues, how to use metrics and reports, and much more.

Why Should You Attend:

On average it takes ten successful projects to make up for one really bad project. If your projects are finishing late, if your teams turn over faster than a freshman class in college, if your projects are losing money, then you need to take this webinar.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

Projects are not profitable when the third Project Managers inherits the mess left by the predecessors. Clients lose confidence in companies that can’t maintain a staff on site. These issues are almost always indicative of poor management practices as opposed to technical abilities.

These higher costs manifest money left on the table during negotiations because the incoming team was not aware of all issues, higher Human Resources costs to manage the constant staff turnover, and even the higher costs of the teams sent by the home office to “determine why” the project is losing so much money. Save the plane ticket and take this webinar instead.

These techniques are proven to increase productivity and effectiveness, and to decrease staff turnover. This webinar will have a positive impact on your profitability.

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