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Filing tax early can help you to avoid identity theft. Together, your refund process will also be faster. Most of us have mental block against dealing with the federal government. But, it is not as bad as it appears. To take full advantage of the available tax benefits, you need to first get organized. This webinar will provide tips and cover all the basic aspects of Form W-2, W-2c, W-4, SS-8, 940 and 941.

A Quick glance of this webinar:

Expert Dayna J. Reum will be discussing all the important aspects of IRS forms that ought to know, along with the most up to date legislative changes that change requirements and penalties around these forms.

Session Highlights:

  • What are the electronic delivery requirements of the W-2 and W-4 to employees?
  • How to handle disputes with the IRS with respect to these forms?
  • Form W-2, or W-2c, W-4, SS-8, 940 and 941 – Basics, best practices, new requirements, do’s and don’ts will be covered.

Why Should You Attend :

All aspects of IRS forms will be covered to tax filing deadlines, along with the most up to date legislative changes that change requirements and penalties around these forms.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

Form W-2

  • Basics
  • Box by Box review
  • Reporting and Recordkeeping requirements (deadlines)
  • Electronic Delivery of Form W-2
  • W-2 Reconciliation best practices
  • New legislation

Form W-2C

  • Basic review

Form W-4

  • New Hire Requirements
  • Proper W-4 Processing
  • Invalid Form W-4
  • Exempt W-4 Processing
  • Electronic W-4 requirements
  • W-4P & W-4S Forms
  • Other W-4 guidance

Form SS-8

  • Form overview (Part review)
  • Basic instructions

Form 940

  • FUTA Basics
  • Understanding who & what is subject to FUTA tax
  • Understanding the FUTA tax rate
  • Depositing FUTA Tax
  • Basics of Form 940
  • Changes to Form 940
  • Common Mistakes

Form 941

  • 941 Basic Requirements
  • Reporting Requirements
  • 941 Due Dates
  • Tax Preparation
  • E filing
  • Signing Requirements
  • Line by line review
  • Schedule B requirements and tips
  • Reconciliation of Form 941 and W-2’s at year end
  • 941-x forms and how to deal with them

IRS Notices, disputes and how to deal with them:

About the Speaker:

Dayna J. Reum is a Certified Payroll Professional through the APA, has over 17 years of experience in this meadow. She holds Fundamental Payroll Certification and has received number of merit awards for Customer Service and Acquisitions and Divestitures. As recognition to her dedicated service, Dayna received a Citation of Merit along with being a Gold Pin member of the APA.

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