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This session will assist import-exporters in understanding the NAFTA rules of origin and the Certificate of Origin requirement. Understanding these rules and how they apply will allow you to take advantage of NAFTA information to reduce your costs. How import-exporters classify their potential NAFTA products has enormous implications for their overall costs of doing business and profit margin.

You will learn how to properly complete the NAFTA rules and regulations, in order to receive duty free treatment, prevent errors that can result in severe civil/criminal penalties by each countries Customs administration, and preparing for a NAFTA audit.

If you want to understand NAFTA opportunities and challenges since it is an essential element of business strategy not just for US, Mexican, Canadian companies but also Asian and EU firms competing for position in the NA space, then join us for this interactive session.

Course Description:

This course will ensure that you are able to obtain the lowest possible duty rate on your trade in goods with Canada, Mexico, and US.

  • How do you take advantage of NAFTA to obtain duty free treatment for your NA trade?
  • What is the intent of the NAFTA rules of origin?
  • What is the applicable rule of origin in NAFTA?
  • How do you obtain the certificate of origin?
  • Recordkeeping requirements Questionnaires, verifications, audits

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Douglas Cohen has been at the forefront of international trade and transactions for more than 20 years. With positions in private law practice, the US Department of Commerce, the European Union, IATA, and American Airlines, Mr. Cohen has developed significant expertise in import export compliance, international negotiations, intellectual property, and Internet laws. At present, he is Senior Manager for Global Trade & Contracts at Worldwide Trade & Legal Associates.

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